Stereo or 3D sound?

I was playing with the sound example (and also trying to add engine sound in my game), and it seems there is no 3D position of the Speaker objects, only distance. I feel like the sound is never on left or right, only centered.
Did I miss something ?

Hi, Armory currently doesn’t have 3D sound support. But the good news is that I’m currently working on a 3D audio library for Armory and Kha (it’s Haxe only for now…) which hopefully is ready to release in a few days. There are a few minor issues left but then I think it’s stable enough to make it public. It’s far from perfect but it can be used then :slight_smile:

However, in order to make the library also compatible with pure Kha (= no Armory), it is not integrated in Armory per default, but in theory we could ask Lubos whether he would agree to integrate it. I think Armory would benefit a lot of it and then it could also be used for the speaker playback.


Would be great if this can be integrated officially into the Armory.

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Hi, the mentioned library is now released and can be used in Armory with Haxe (currently there are no logic nodes for it though):