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Continuing the discussion from Always the Armory 0.x Version … not really !?:

If the ability to contribute to the docs quickly enough is a concern, how about we setup a community Wiki? We keep it open like wikis generally are, where anybody can contribute without prerequisites, and the maintainers can revert destructive changes. We could just use a GitHub wiki to keep it easy and remove the need for hosting.

I wrote this a whiiiiile ago, maybe expand upon it? Or do it entirely differently, idk.

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That looks useful, that should probably go into the docs site.

That’s a really good idea, actually… I mean it completely solves the problem of having to wait for one extremely busy person to approve every. single. change.

My only concern is that we would essentially be duplicating effort into what would essentially be the “official” and “unofficial” docs (ie the current docs and the community wiki). For example: would Lubos mind if we copied material from the current docs over to the wiki to make it more easily editable by the community? I honestly don’t know. I mean, this is intended to help him, not to loophole around his wishes for how wants the project’s documentation to work.

Regardless, I think it would work better than what we have now, and hopefully move some of the work of documentation and it’s approval onto the community, letting Lubos get on with the coding he does so well.


I am happy to broaden the members here if anyone is willing to take on that! We just need someone who has been around for a bit and can do some text formatting/check for typos when needed. If there is interest we can also find someone to help with the examples repo and more. The pull-request frequency is not high in those yet but perhaps we can boost that with additional maintainers.🙂

Look like lubos is ready to accept maintainers for examples and documentation repos


Count me in for examples and docs repos 👍 We need like 2 Active people in minimum, like when any maintainers push commit other just approve it by reacting it with `👍 ` so that it is marked as checked for typos, mis-information(when someone got something wrong), etc, and approving these commit would not take much time as it is maintained by `Active` peoples, should take less than day

So we just need few more people who would be happy to actively maintain example/doc/etc repos

Who is happy to maintain repo, etc? must be active

  • Count me In!
  • Sorry!

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