[Suggestion] Behaviour Tree

Here is some concepts :

Gamasutra article

An open source version

I think Behaviour Tree can be added to Armory without too much effort because there is already logic nodes and there is already sequence or switch that are almost behaviour tree nodes demonstrating it’s possible without too much work.
This is something i could start working on.


Yeah, it doesnt look hard at all, i mean you can use nodes(like mention above), but there is a catch, it gonna be left-righ and some newbs are gonna get confused, i am fine with it. and that idea sound good!

You are right.
Is Blender 2.8 more flexible and have options to rotate or put nodes on top and bottom ?

No, they dont have that. If we want it then we will have to dive in it source code and do probably a lota things, which is not what we want to do.
There are two option:

  1. We use left-right thingie
  2. We use standalone editor, using zui(it support only left-right, but it might be less scary to get it to work).

You are right, it’s better to keep left-right otherwise this will be too much.

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