SVOTI - new alternative voxel GI

Crytek has invented some alternative VCT, that performs faster and has no pre-bake limitations. What do you think about this > ?

@lubos does’s Armory use Sparse Vocel Octree?

I do not think a different GI system is really necessary, the current one can already be completely dynamic. Also there has been an option added called “Relight”, which is currently broken for me but I suspect it is supposed to be used when the times of day changes (a lamp moves) but it is not needed to recalculate the lightning every frame. The only thing I don’t like currently that it has sometimes severe light leaking issues, not the best performance and that there should be options for every object if it should be included in the calculation if the scene is not fully dynamic (to limit light staying on places where it shouldn’t be if the set object is being moved, like on characters)

It’s king of same, just that for the Voxel Octree kind of a LOD is used. So more far voxels are grouped/ignored.

Oh that is very cool! Armory can only not calculate the Voxels that are to far away atm. Now I want the lod system too :grin: