Synchronized viewport

Hi guys, this would be a question directly for @lubos

Could you please let us know what are your plans for the synchronized viewport? I have seen a few threads talking about it (one of them mine) and there was no response in any of them. It used to be there on the 0.5 but it has disapeared and the newest beta release. I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels this way but I think that that particular feature was potentially one of the most attractive ones of the engine. And gives armory more power as a product, for example it could make it perfect for archviz where you show your clients as you tweak things live.

When I talk about the synchrozed viewport I mean what you can see in this video at minute 4:25:


I was asking same for some feature. The answer was, that 0.6 is beta, and stuff will be reanimated one by one. In my opinion it’s then Alpha, but it’s developer choice.

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Thank you for the heads up @trsh, so the bottom line is that it will be coming back in due time then, right? It’s not gone forever.

What was that thread where you were asking?

I doubt this would be coming back. There’s several things that have changed since the earlier versions.

What makes you think that @AFWS88? @trsh mentioned that it was stated that it would be coming back.

Probably @lubos can bring some official light into this matter. Since people seems to be interested on its return

Can’t really tell for sure. Only one man knows. The missing feature for me was Area lights, that are by now reanimated (still has bugs).

It seems like it got nasty over there lol.

I guess we will need to wait for @lubos to let us know whenever he can. He must be really busy setting armorpaint up to speed, after all that allegorithmic chaos. And I can’t blame him really, he would be silly if he did not take advantage of this chance :slight_smile:

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Shit happened, we don’t talk about it anymore :joy:.

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I’m also interested in the status of this one. If you could drop a word when you had a second @lubos that would be amazing. Thank you in advance

@DiegoBM @Blenderpein yes it will be coming back, also want to further experiment on this feature. Not sure if I make it into 0.6 as we need to get final builds out this week, but it’s definitely on the list. :slight_smile:


Cheers @lubos! You’re the man!

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That’s great news! Thank you very much for letting us know :slight_smile:. Looking forward to 0.6 (with or without this feature)!