System Console Error

I just updated my Blender to 2.9, went into the Armory3D addon and updated the SDK.
I noticed in the Blender system console that I get this error:

Anything I need to be concerned about? Anyone else getting this?
Thank you,

The documentation (wiki) contains support for Blender 2.83, so the engine is not configured for version 2.90, so there are warnings. If I understand correctly, they are not critical, so there should be no problems. But it’s better to use version 2.83 as the developers point out.

It’s a warning you can ignore. Since Blender 2.8, properties (like variables for Blender’s data blocks, objects, scenes, etc.) in the code have to be declared with a new syntax (type annotations) and this property is declared in the old way. It will be fixed when the current work on the new improved logic node menu is done (

As @E1e5en said, Armory is not updated for Blender 2.9 and probably will stick to the LTS versions for now. There are good chances that smaller projects will work in 2.9 but there are certain things (like the new 2.9 world/sky settings) that will break your export.

Thank you for the responses.