Tab bar not working

Hey I’m one of those crazy people that likes using the tab bar and making things look neat and pretty for a variety of reasons. Anyone know if the tab bar not working is just on my end or a site wide thing and if it is a site wide thing, can it be fixed please? Thank you.

P.S. Tested on multiple computers with multiple OS systems and versions, same problem.

What tab bar, can you please provide a screenshot/explain more? I don’t find a reference to a tab bar in discourse anywhere

I mean the physical tab bar on a keyboard. It doesn’t work when trying a response here. It does on other websites and on documents i’m making on my computer but not here.

If I understand correctly:
As you write you want the “tab” character to write a “tab” in the text field?

If that’s what you’re referring to, it’s standard on the web to send focus to the next UI element (button or other) on pressing tab. The only sites that capture tab presses are sites which are oriented around allowing people to write code. In most other cases, it’s not desirable and actually not recommended.

TL;DR: it would be a feature to be implemented upstream by Discourse, not by us, and I doubt they will

I see…well that’s a shame. Oh well.