Tangent space can't compute ngon faces

When I decided to use Armory in collaboration with a commercial project, I noticed a simple bug that can be very annoying.
Each time I wanted to compile the scene this error came up:

This means that i have to add the triangulate modifier for alot of objects, and even then it wont compile.
I managed to get away by going to edit mode and triangulating all the meshes, but it may be harder than that in bigger projects.
I hope this bug gets fixed soon,


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Yes, that is due to triangulation needed - Although instead of manually triangulating each mesh, you can just add the triangulation modifer to the objects, as these are added upon export.

Although if you’ve a lot of objects, even adding the modifier can be a lot of work. - Until this is somehow added in Armory, you can script your way out of it, running something like this should probably work in the meantime:

import bpy

for obj in bpy.data.objects:
    if obj.type == "MESH":
        modTri = obj.modifiers.new("Triangulate", type = "TRIANGULATE")

… Intresting choice!
Will look into it.

Sorry, meant triangulate - Fixed the script

This would be a good thing to put into the Armory addon.


There is actually an open issue somebody was having with the triangulation. Apparently it is supposed to triangulate it on export:

on the original GitHub report Lubos replied:

The meshes are triangulated on export, so this is likely a weird bug.

Maybe the code is removed in the latest 0.6 graphics updates, so the only way of implementation is to currently use Naxela’s source or just wait.