Templates AI

show my project with templates of artificial intelligence.

Current release:

  • Police AI — algorithm the autonomous vehicle steering

Video: https://youtu.be/UydHXuwRSXg

GitHub: https://github.com/gsaone/armory_templates_ai


Thanks for sharing, it has some usefull car code functionality.

But it’s not real AI, just a simple behavior, coded in a linear code, while more complex AI will need states to be more easy to use and extend, also “smoohtFollow” for camera could have it’s own class instead of be inside player class.

Thanks for the ideas!
The current release is just the beginning; in free time and with experience, I plan to improve this template and also do others.

For the police ai, planned the states:

  • Patrol - when nothing happens or the player is out of sight.
  • Pursuit - when a player is in sight.
  • Damage - causing damage to a player in a collision.
  • Recovery - when the vehicle is turned upside down.
  • Bypass obstacles - ray cast to forward, for visibility obstacles and turned.

I am currently reading book “The Nature of Code” in chapter 6 “Autonomous Agents” on theme AI:

Very nice book! :wink:


Nice! it’s a pretty unique idea, and a really helpful one too! keep it up!

A.I. is machine learning. Don’t mix up terms please.

You are wrong AI is not ML only.
I encourage you to purchase this book if you want to better understand AI in general.

It’s a great book and i don’t regret the purchase.

@regexp Just ignore his post.

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hi bro i downloaded you template and used script of vehicle to my own car and game

i wish said handling is not good car is switch 180 when i try turn why this?

it remind me ridge racer unbounded game bad crazy scratched handling

but anyway thanks for sharing maybe you can made tutorial step by step how made write vehicle script with engine sound and tire sound to car drift for i understand and not use ready scripts?

watch video of game a car with you script https://youtu.be/Ci-f2VCZ0V8

AI is machine learning and machine learning is just statistics on large data with numerical measure system. AI does’t reprogram it self, it just re-parameter included variables. AI doesn’t really exist.