Test demo armory3d 2021.9+blender3d 2.93

hello the world, it’s a test demo made with armory3d 2021.9: on catchmagic3d.com


Hi and welcome!

Just tried it out, cool game!

I know its a demo, but a few things to look forward to in case you want to make a full game out of it:

  1. The move movement control isn’t the best in my opinion. Perhaps hiding the mouse would be better. Or even Keyboard navigation.

  2. When the main character dies, the new character is spawned almost immediately. A little delay would be nice

  3. The arrows are shot repeatedly when holding the mouse button. Is it designed this way?

  4. Suggestion to use latest version of Armory as it comes with more fixes and features. Would also save effort in changing deprecated nodes later on.

Next time, perhaps its better to post it on #armory-showcase than #logic-nodes. That way it is more pertinent.