Textured meshes not working in mobile HTML5 browsers

Greetings allow me to ask please, Is there a way to enable Textured meshes to work in mobile device HTML5 Browsers?, I tested on android 9 and I see only a Black screen, but if I remove the texture It works fine…

It’s strange, but I think it depends on the phone itself - Which phone and browser do you have?

For instance, I’ve a Sony Xperia XZ2 (With Android 9) that is able to display HTML5 the following just fine on both Chrome and Edge:


Can you test and see if it works for you?

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I’m testing in a Huawei P20PRO, and a Mate10, but it’s still just a black screen :frowning:

Hi, everybody.
I have (Mac os El capitan intel HD Graphics 4600) is displayed on Google Chrome (80.0.3987). There are small artifacts(see the screenshot).

Safari (9.1.2) black screen.
In the console:

  • kha/SystemImpl.hx:345: Could not initialize WebGL 2, falling back to WebGL.
  • Sources/armory/system/Starter.hx:70: This project was not compiled with legacy shaders flag - please use WebGL 2 capable browser.

Iphone 5s, also black screen.

To view on different mobile devices, WebGL-1 must be compiled and textures must only be square multiples of 8 (64, 128, 512, 1024, etc)

Keep in mind, it takes a little to load (probably up to a minute or so) - It should work on relatively new phones

It’s strange, as it seems very device dependent rather than something that is tied to a specific WebGL version - I have one device that works, one that doesn’t

Can you see if you can run: https://get.webgl.org/webgl2/

I cleaned the project and enabled RenderPath: Mobile and finally it works !!, thanks all bye…

All the same. Works only in Chrome.