The Adventures of a Cube

(Edit) Most recent video:

Hi guys,
I’m brand new to Armory after switching from UPBGE.
Thought I’d show my first attempt at making something.
Was playing around with player and camera control. I have a video from what I was copying from UPBGE equivalent to compare.

The current project I am working on is called ‘The Adventures of a Cube’ (TAOC), real cheesy I know. So I’ll post updates on that in this thread as I learn how to do things in Armory and add them to my game.

Cheers Everyone


Okay, Armory needs games, even if they are simple, so we can stress test the engine and resolve detect the more annoying issues.


I’m exited to see your progress.

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So been playing around with armory a bit more.
In this video I show:
Improved character control, cube now settles with a cute animation.
The flamethrower of bunnies.
Main menu placeholder - mostly just messing around.
Overlay menu placeholders.
Video update

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Great!!! How did you do the flamethrower? With particles? That’s a very WIP part of the engine and I am curious about the issues you encounter.

I didn’t use particles.
Two haxe scripts, first adds the entity and tells it where it begins and where it ends. Then second is attached to the entity and is responsible for forfilling it’s life goal, reporting back if it hits anything and finally killing itself. Thus is the short life of a bunny.
Once I work out enemies (which may be a while given nav meshes currently don’t work) they should ‘push’ them away and deal ‘damage’

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You should take a look at the master branch. There has some merges to that part of the engine fixing some issues.

Even more fun stuff, primarily heat-seeking, exploding Suzzane’s.

Audio tests - Sound fx and some music.
Sprite sheets doing some VFX
Framework for dialogue system (What I spent most my time on and will continue until it is working)
Expanded on the Main menu
Added a mossy sort of effect that blows in the wind (I don’t know why)
Tweaked controls
Left-click spawn the bunny flamethrower, right-click spawns explosive Suzanne’s.

Here the video:


Got some branching dialogue going. Still needs some work but I think the way I have prototyped it is here to stay.

Heres a ‘more fun’ video update:


Thought I’d just post a small update.

I’m currently working on a prototype/vertical slice of my concept. This will involve little story-driven moments and the core (but yet still simple) mechanics of the game in an environment in which they can all be shown off.
I’m reckoning to work on this for the next 2-3 months.

For now in the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on how this vertical slice will start and created a framework around which I can easily develop and implement a story in a modular manner.

Wish me luck :stuck_out_tongue:

And just so I have something to show in this post, here is some WIP audio from a scripted event right at the start made my my wife and myself:

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Perhaps you should create a page on Patreon with this project :wink:

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That’s a very flattering suggestion! I find it hard to believe anyone would want to pledge their hard-earned money to the progress of this game.
At this point, I have a fulltime job in a completely unrelated field. This is just a longterm hobby of mine and I like it that way :slight_smile:
After a while I may get a website started up, but I do not think I’ll involve money in any way.

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