The best 3D codeless game engine

Hello, where is the best 3d codeless game engine?

HaHa, you’d think that “logical” people would be capable of generating a piece of software focused on logical implementation of simplest actions. No such luck. Even an on/off (active or inactive) switch to be implemented on an object is an unnecessarily difficult task. One would think with a common sense that there aren’t that many “actions” that are needed for a basic game. Drug & Drop an “action node” on an object to apply a change in "texture, move, rotate, jump, scale, etc. by a given amount upon a certain event. Even camera zoom with a middle mouse button is a challenge, something that should be “logical” in any 3D game engine.

To answer your question, there are myriad of different game engines with their own strengths and weaknesses but there isn’t an entirely codeless game engine.

“Logic nodes” might let you write a lot less code, but there are still going to be some cases where “writing a short function in code” is going to be the best way to get the job done. One way or the other, you are still constructing conditional logic and describing data flows. “Logic nodes” do implement many commonly-used things in a way that you can count on to work properly. So, “it’s a trade-off,” and you’ll have to decide for yourself what to do. Even a diagram can turn into “a rat’s nest.”

Well that is a very tricky question, because best codeless game engine, would be unreal engine due to it’s reputation and budget but also because it has been around longer but if you mean easiest game engine, to make game in a few seconds without code… Then that might be Coppercube. On the other hand armory 3d offers the best of both world, speed and fast game dev but also codeless and easy to learn (coming from a blender background anyway). In the end it’s all up to you. My advice would be to try as many as possible and not stay focused on a single software.