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In blender 2.8, I’ve encountered a slight issue. Armory doesn’t clean up after itself on the framebuffer:

My first thought is, “well, maybe there’s an update that fixes this.” I update in the Armory Updater, and notice something strange when I open blender again. All of the Armory UI is missing, it’s just “vanilla” blender. In the terminal I see this:

location: /home/wurst/Programs/Armory_04_linux64_b28/Armory/2.80/scripts/modules/bpy/

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/wurst/Programs/Armory_04_linux64_b28/Armory/2.80/scripts/addons/", line 411, in on_scene_update_post
  File "/home/wurst/Programs/Armory_04_linux64_b28/Armory/2.80/scripts/modules/bpy/", line 192, in __call__
    ret = op_call(self.idname_py(), None, kw)
RuntimeError: Error: Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/wurst/Programs/Armory_04_linux64_b28/Armory/2.80/scripts/addons/", line 333, in execute
  File "/home/wurst/Programs/Armory_04_linux64_b28/Armory/armsdk//armory/blender/", line 30, in register
  File "/home/wurst/Programs/Armory_04_linux64_b28/Armory/armsdk//armory/blender/arm/", line 410, in register
  File "/home/wurst/Programs/Armory_04_linux64_b28/Armory/armsdk//armory/blender/arm/", line 342, in init_properties
    bpy.types.Light.arm_clip_start = FloatProperty(name="Clip Start", default=0.1)
AttributeError: 'RNA_Types' object has no attribute 'Light'

So I revert to stable version and arrive at the same dilemna. I understand that the latest version of Armory on 2.8 is not going to be even remotely stable, but since 2.79 has shading issues, can I work around this? I’ve twiddled some of the render settings and run into various errors, you can see yourself:
main.blend (2.1 MB)
Thanks for any response, suggestions, etc.

The best thing to do is file a bug report on the Armory github. That way lubos can keep track of the issue and he will be able to fix it eventually. The 2.8 transition is going to make this kind of this common for a while still sense the blender API that armory has to hook into is changing all the time.

Posted issue 818.

Interestingly enough, world background set to white looks like this:

Almost like it’s only updated behind the icosphere.

Ha! Oh wait. It’s the clip :disappointed_relieved:. Setting the camera clip to 100 produces expected behavior. Small issue. I absolutely need the clip to be obscenely high. I suppose I could edit the focal length and compress everything, but it would be distorted.

Sorry for the excessive post quantity. Looks like I can adjust the sensor size of the camera, completely slipped my mind. At any rate, I should be able to fake a long view distance now.

Excessive post quantity can also help others :wink:

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Interesting comment about trying to view long distances. I’m trying to do that in blender 2.8 with .6 armory for Mac. No luck on that - I set out to find your mention of the sensor size of the camera, but couldn’t locate it. My entire viewable distance from the camera in 2.8/.6 seems to be about 50 meters in any direction, and I can find a way to increase the viewable distance (trying to put mountains in at a distance). The LOD example, I could figure out either… in 2.8/.6, it gives a full red screen (don’t know what that is).

Has anyone found out how to do the long distance viewing…??

Under the camera tab you need to set far clip, but logarithmic view buffer is still broken. See Clipping Issue for a messy workaround.