Thoughts, and community documentation effort

Hi everyone.

I’ve been playing with this all for a few days now, logged a few bugs, ran into a few issues, but overall really think what’s here is super promising. In fact, I added a pledge for $10 a month, not much but it’s something.

So far I think what I want to see happen is a community effort to help document the API properly, and also look at areas that are in need of polishing. For example, the matrix library is a mess, with inconsistent naming, cryptic functionality, and it seems to be missing vital functions.

I’m personally keen to get in and help write some docs, but I think there would need to be some community organization around doc writing, especially as good docs and removing friction is key to growing the community+getting more contributors.

Lubos? what are your thoughts on documentation? What’s the best way we can help you out? I know Godot had a campaign to get everything documented and it was a resounding success for the 3.0 release.



I agree some Api functions need some work, i don’t either like the matrix thing, and prefer to code with Api functions.

Armory is missing additional people working in the engine
Should Armory make a new Patreon goal to hire someone able to work some hours daily in Armory 3D.

Perhaps, but I think the first thing is more people need to use it so the friction points to creativity can be worked out and polished.

Which means better documentation.