Thoughts on development

Hello everyone!

Happy New Year! I wish you health, joy and good luck! :tada:

In this post, I want to express my thoughts on the development of the interface for the engine, due to the fact that I am no longer participating in the Armory engine. My goal, of course, is to develop small games. It didn’t work out with a 3D project, as it is difficult for me to find/create suitable 3D content. So I pulled out a 2D project from the list of ideas, picked the right tool for it, and focused on it.

Maybe I’ll come back to Armory later. I’ll follow him for sure. So I hope we’ll see you again. :slight_smile:

Thoughts (may be useful to someone):

  • processing of user-entered values ​​in the node/settings. Checking as I did in nodes with mathematical expressions (Mathematical expressions);

  • creating a separate workspace/interface mode/filtering settings/a separate panel to display only those settings and capabilities that are available and will work in Armory. So you can turn off what will not work or, on the contrary, show what is being used. Otherwise, it is not always clear what is used in Armory and what is not until you look at the source;

  • transfer Bundle to logical nodes and add a separate category of Behaviors for them. Nodes are easier to manage and configure.