Timeline with physics?

I tried making a moving platform, but it did not work.
A cube with physics is moving with Timeline animation keys, but the player FPS does not collide with the cube.
It i possible to get Timeline animation work with physic objects ?

There is an “animated” checkbox on Rigid Bodies, did you try that?

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in physics tab,
change rigidbody type to passive (since you are manipulating it with timeline animation).

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Thanks @dukejib
It worked better, but it looks like timeline animations with physics doesn’t work well with other objects physics.

The platform can’t handle the player controller physics, it passes through it.

It would be awesome if timeline would work perfectly with physics.

Perhaps platforms must be handled in a specific way without timeline.

i am not at my pc , so can’t check for sure, but i think there is a check mark in rigidbody>passive with animated , check it and try agian.
This is an issue with physics, if you try playground first tutorial, you will see, that when you spawn new cubes, the rolling cylinder (with time line animation) just pass through some of them as well.
use Volume node to print some stuff and check if the collision is happening or not.

Also check the size of the platform. I have found that if walls are too thin then the player can pass right trough. You can make the platform thicker or create a thinker invisible collision object to solve the problem.

I already have passive and animated.

I made another try, without timeline, using logic nodes and translate object function instead on a big cube.
It also pushes the player when the player doesn’t move and stay in front,
but when the player start moving it can move through it.
Player controller uses physics correctly with linear velocity.

Physics really need continuous collision detection, they are not usable otherwise because most of the time physic objects pass through others.
Games with good physic gameplay is not possible in Armory.

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I do agree that the physics has some pretty big issues with it.

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I’ll be back testing Armory when physics will be good :sweat_smile:
Meanwhile outside of Unreal 4 game progress, i’ll try to make a stress test level for Armory.

It’s not timeline the issue but many physics implementation issues.
I created a new thread.