Tips for bullets that turn into particle systems on collision?

Hello guys!
I’m trying to turn my bullets into particle systems when they collide with the enemies.
I already have the bullets working properly, and when they collide with the enemy they are correctly removed and a particle system object is spawned on its place. So far so good.
But then the particle system doesn’t seem to be working. I copied the settings from the mesh.blend file from the particle folder of the Armory examples.
Do you guys have any tips? Did you ever implement stuff like this before?

What are you trying to accomplish with the particles. I am guess sort of a fragmentation effect? And what is not working?

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Armory3d doesn’t take in effect the Sizing option from the Particle System > Render Tab

So , Go to it , and uncheck “SCALE” . Ensure to use sphere or cube as in “OBJECT” and scale it down to your liking.
Try again.
Also, make sure, in Particle System > Armory Props tab, “LOOP” is checked
I’ve just added a blend for you.check it out.
spawn_particles.blend (1.1 MB)


I recommend you can try with Godot and it has full bullet system / collision system. If i understand you correctly?

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Ok, now my particles show up, however they do not move. Where should I set the movement of the particles?