Topic for New Users (talk here please!)

Hello user.

We haven’t told anyone this existed, so I don’t know how you landed here, but you did.
As we structure things and move things around, posts may get deleted, so feel free to answer this post. This is, in other words, the temporarily only valid thread on the forums

Every great feat of humanity has a humble beginning. Indeed it usually is very thrilling. As I should know and so should you as currently, we are in the middle of one being carried through. So, they say, soon you’ll be passé. Don’t you know that you aren’t the hot stuff of tomorrow but the soon to be of yesterday? No, we reply, maybe a bit too sly. For you see, you never know until the truth finds its way out of its burrow. It would be too great a shame to scoff and scold and blame those that are too tame and lame to see the truth and our true aim. We wish to see a future ever so bright with the power given to us in the form of newfound capable might. The powers that be, however, will hopefully see…oh who am I kidding we are the ones to grant that key to the journey we must now tread and the way in which we want the world to be. So sleep now and dream deep, of the movement and the road ahead and the wonderful work that you wish to do instead.

Someone mentioned to be selling Dreams here, so I came to check it out.

We are the makers of dreams.

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Cool! I’m in the right place! :slight_smile:

Heh, that you are my friend, that you are. So, what brings you around here anyway?

I’m just looking for armory news for now. When Lubos release it I’ll hope to share here some works and talk with fellows armory users.

That’s about the same story on my end. I’m currently working on specific examples for the Armory Engine right now actually. I’m trying to make a proper cathedral. It is coming along just fine and the main building is mostly 3D modeled, Still got to finish it and then do anything not bolted to the ground before I can even think about texturing though.

I just wanted to tell that the site is incredibly awesome, well designed and modern looking. Great job! :wink:

Looks awesome, hope i’ll be able to do frames animation rendering (like in UE and Blender)