Trace several data during execution of nodes in the Viewport

The trace using the nodes String and Print is not very practical for example if you want to have to follow certain variables during a Play in Viewport.

A new node that could help us to define several texts + variables to Trace could be useful.

Thereafter an example that allow to follow the evolution of length of 2 Array that could be simplified into a single node.

and the Haxe script is
/ Haxe script
// Make sure ‘Properties - Armory Project - Hscript’ is enabled
var v = input[0] + input[1] + input[2] + input[3];

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Does the Haxe trait have to be connected to one specific element or can it be connected to any element that takes a trait ?
Sorry, not addressing your particular question, just trying to clear this one point out.
Also, you should do some tutorial videos on nodes in Armory 3D and Haxe traits, you’re obviously very well rounded on this.

Here in this example,
the Haxe script ( file named traceValeurs) is declared/called via the node Script.
That’s all :wink:

Maybe if you have another need, tell us more ?

Just trying to convince some people to do video tutorials on this stuff. Think it would really help people picking up on this, me included. Sort of like blueprint video tutorials for UE, etc.

I see you want a sort of debug node to watch values while execution is going on.

Ok, i’ll see if can help whith some tuto. :movie_camera:

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