Transition animation?

Does anyone know if you can do transition animation in Armory now? Looking at the promo video for v.0.1 frame by frame, you can clearly see when the demonstration shows the character shift from an idle pose to a walking pose in a very direct way with no transitioning animation. In regular walking and running animation and such it is no problem but in quick time events or anything like that it can be a bit of a big deal. Can you insert transitioning animations?

Hi @Sirgeorge,

You can blend animations during transition to a new animation. Default blend time is 0.0 sec, but if you set it to 0.2 for example when starting a new action there will be a 0.2 sec long transition. Current blending is kind of basic, and I know @lubos will add some options to it in the future.

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Cool beans! Thanks for the heads up.