Trouble using auto updater

Maybe im just crap at at the simplest things in life but I have been unable to use the updater in armory. I did a fresh download of armory and installed Git as the manual says to, I then pressed “update SDK” and I just receive errors. Not sure why since I have done what the manual says. Below is the image of the error:

That is odd. If you open a new cmd/command prompt window and type git into it, what is the output? Do you see something like this?

I just tried and it said it was unrecognized, is there a certain place Git needs to be installed as well as armory? I have armory in my documents. Should I have Git in the same place?

I just managed to fix it! I reinstalled Git and found how to make it come up in CMD. It provides three options and you have to select the second one to let it use CMD rather than only use GitBASH. I didnt do this the first time as it recommended to select the first one as it was the safest. Maybe something to include in the manuel? Seemed to work after that

Happy you fixed it, was just looking into this. Yeah, definitely including this in the manual!

If someone ends up searching here: