Trouble with git clone armory


armory doesn’t work even when I follow

What I have tried

  1. follow instructions of
  2. make a file with a UI trait
  3. Play game and compilation is complete without any errors, warnings
  4. no UI shows up

What I have found

  • files made in 2. work if I switch to the distributed version (updated via addon)
  • armsdk/kha differs from the distributed version
  • UI shows up after replacing the armsdk/kha with the distributed version

I think it’s something silly I’m stuck with but I have no idea how to mend it.

I do not think you are doing anything wrong, with you are jumping on the latest version of everything, including Kha. That will bring various issues because those repositories are changing daily with new commits.

Using Armory Updater is usually a safer option because I try to keep an eye on that.

Thanks for your reply. I see.

Then, how should I build my environment if I want to contribute to the development ? Or rather, how can I use git along with Armory Updater?