[Tutorial] toon shading

This is an approximate toon shading.

  1. Create new material Diffuse BSDF
  2. Color : Assign color texture
  3. Normal : choose Input - Attribute (let it empty)

In Material Armory props you can check on Cast Shadows, while without shadows looks better.

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You can see Celshading templates, cause no offence it half baked(not even near approx.).
You can check the template and make tutorial on it. CelShading template look really better than this but if you are showing for different style than np.

CelShading template use the same regular Diffuse BSDF, it does not use a special toon shader.
I didn’t seen anything that is CelShading shader.

I think the cellshade example used a different render path. Not just different shaders. I don’t think the template is working with the git version of Armory at the moment, I’ll have to double-check, but you should be able to see that it has a different render path selected in the render panel.


Yeah you are right celshade have issues now And I think you cannot adjust or create toon shading from renderpath panel. It is true that renderpath is different but it is adjusted from script. It has render path script in library folder where .blend file is located. Well python api from this library is broken ATM and there is bug in player controller. Imma go and create an issue.

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cool trick to make shade-less materials! I expect it to have some bugs in more “Extreme” situations because we’re giving it an empty normal…