UI - Can I make a UI element visible/invisible using logic nodes?

Can I make a UI element visible/invisible using logic nodes? (i.e. an image)



Yes - use the node “set visible”.

A UI element from a canvas.

As of the last time I played with the UI in version 5 I could not get any images working and to the best of my know only one node (set canvas text) has been created to work with the UI. So as of right now I don’t believe that is possible.

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Please tell me how to use this node. What should “element” enter?I want to achieve the effect of one click of a button to hide other buttons,but no matter I pass in any parameter to “element” and turn “visible” on or off, the UI will all disappear (including the button I clicked and the debug window).Thank you.

Hello @haizhou37,

The Element is the name of the element you would like to Hide/Show.

To achieve what you need, assign an event to the button and on that event set visibility of all other buttons/images/texts in the canvas to false.

Let me know if this helps.

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Demo gif

Excuse me,how to modify this?

I need to achieve the effect of clicking the button below and hiding all or part of the button above. At present, as long as I click the button below, all UI elements disappear

Thanks, I will try this

Works great, thanks!