UI Script 2D Compile Error

Soo I know I am annoying but I really want to learn Armory3d. My question: Why do I get errors while coding the 2d ui script. Here are some pictures…

In the Render -> Armory Project -> Modules panel set Zui to Enabled:


By default it is on Auto, but it can’t automatically detect you trying to use Zui inside of a Haxe script, so in your case it didn’t add the library to the project. Enabling it will add the library to the project so that your import zui.* will work.

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Ohh man you’re my friend. With your knowledge you could help so many people out there and supporting also Armory3d :wink:

But now, I stop annoy you :joy::joy:

Thank you so much :vulcan_salute::metal::+1:

No problem, man. :smiley: I really enjoy getting to help people with what I’ve learned. It took me months ( total ) of pouring over Armory to learn what I have, but it can take only minutes for me to help someone save that much time. Its a pretty good deal. :wink: