UI Text somewhat working

I am able to make the text in the ui change by using on update as the In value and a concatenate string to place the text. However when I try to make text appear (game over) with the In value coming from a Gate it just immediately adds the text regardless of the truth of the gate statement. Is this a bug or am I missing something.

Gate node in combination with sending text to canvas works on my end. Sounds to me like your gate setup always returns true, so I would look at that.

EDIT: And it’s always better if you attach a screenshot of your own node tree. Takes out a loot of the guessing work ;).

There is also the possibility that your not handling not true.

So if you set up text to some value on true, but don’t set it to blank on false, once it’s true it will present as always true.

Obviously as suggested, seeing the nodes would be helpful in debugging.

Thanks for the advise