Unable to compile Bullet library to C targets


I have a simple scene, with the default cube and RigidBody added to it. I am able to compile and run this on JS targets such as Krom and HTML without any issues. However, the compilation fails when compiling to any of the C targets (Windows, Android, etc.) even if the functions are listed in both Ammo.idl and Bullet.hx bindings.

I dig a little deeper and found that the Haxe codes for rigid bodies have an #if js compiler instruction
such as:

#if js

meaning, this could only be compiled to js targets?

I found this very useful post about extending bullet into Armory.

How can one compile the same to a C target as well since all the functions are already present in both Ammo.idl and Bullet.hx.

Any insight on these would be a great help.

Best Regards,