Unable to open 'Main.hx': File not found (relative/absolute (?) path problem)

Hi, I’m just starting to learn Haxe scripting, and I’m getting the following error when debugging on Kode Studio:
Unable to open ‘Main.hx’: File not found (d:\WEBGL\armory3d\d:\WEBGL\armory3d\Sources\Main.hx).
So I guess this is some sort of relative path / absolute path problem?
The blend file I’m working on is located at “d:\WEBGL\armory3d” and blender.exe is located at “d:\WEBGL\armory3d\Armory”. The file Main.hx exists at “d:\WEBGL\armory3d\Sources”. How do I solve this? Should I change some option/setting or should I move the blender file to another folder?

Ok, now I understand what’s going on. I’ll explain in order to help other people in the same situation.

Actually this was not an error, just a warning that should be ignored. It says “Use System.start instead” on Main.hx, but changing that would just cause a lot of errors.

I thought it was an error because I was trying the trace function, but it seems that doesn’t work. In order to view the trace message, I clicked Play on Blender, on Armory Player tab (using Browser as the runtime) instead of debugging on Kode Studio. Then, on the browser, I did “inspect element” and on the console tab the trace message was there.