Unable to view Armory within Blender 2.79

Hi All,

This may be a silly question. However I have downloaded the 0,4 Armory27 build. When I run blender, I cannot view the Armory options in the render tab.

I checked to ensure the ArmoryRender is active in the addons page. which it is.

To ensure I had not done anything particularly wrong I then downloaded 0.4 Armory28, checked the render page and could see the armory options.

any Ideas or troubleshooting I can run thorugh??

Keep in mins I have redownloaded the package (0.4armory27), removed and readded the addin. And had the same problem.

You can be interested by this https://github.com/armory3d/armory/issues/639

Hi All cheers for the response. Its good to see that the issue has already been picked up.

Sorry to waste time in that case. I just find it a little difficult to locate info between the forum and Github.