Unexpected shadows

With the camera in horizontal position, it looks ok.

when camera tilts… unexpeted shadows appears.

Any suggestion to avoid this? illumination? sky background? render?

Thanks.Phisycs_test…blend (2.2 MB)

Are you using viewport camera? because viewport camera does that, it doesn’t happen with scene camera.

Delete the camera from your character and set up a new one

For some reason, after I deleted the glitchy camera, the engine didn’t automatically switch to another one so I used nodes:

It isn’t the viewport. This captures is from Krom viewer (the same happens in html5)

No, i didn’t meant that, In Camera dropdown in below picture, which is selected?

No difference. I deleted the camera and added a new one.
I’m trying different setting clipping…

It happens when I attach the camera to the character. when the camera is detached everything is fine :thinking:

Thanks. I never changed this option. Scene is selected as default.

I understand now, it’s because you haven’t applied the rotation and scale to your character:


I’ll try not to attach, but to move alltogether. O copy continuously the position and Z rotation.

No! you can attach the camera, but apply rotation and scale to your character first and then attach the camera and its gonna work!

Ok. I saw problems wwith rhe render related to this.
I understand that is always recomended to apply rot and loc.

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By attaching camera to object, you mean that you set object as parent to camera or vice-versa, right? than it should not do anything weird like that, i have done it but can’t get any weird result like that.
Applying rotation and scale is for animating purpose, you apply object’s rotation and scale to a frame.

take this blend file if you don’t have it already Phisycs_test…blend (2.2 MB)

detach the camera, apply the scale and rotation to the character and attach the camera again
it worked for me

Ok now i got it, it happen because of changed scale and rotation of object and this change is applied to camera when parenting, so when you play it appear weird. This didn’t happen before so def a bug

Oh yeeeeees!! it runs OK.
I don´t understand why, but it runs.

Thanks a lot.