Universal Node Logic Editor

So I just want to put out this idea real quick: we could very easily make standalone Logic Node editor inspired by Armory’s logic nodes, that could compile to any Haxe target. Lubos already has UI elements for nodes in his Zui library, and the system is so simple it wouldn’t be hard to port what is already in blender to Haxe for the standalone editor.

Just think about it, you could take any program written in Java, C#, Python, PHP, Javascript, or scriptable with Lua, create logic nodes specific to interacting with the program, and use the Standalone Logic Node Editor to graphically create a plugin for the program!

You could create Minetest or Minecraft® mods, Drupal modules, Phabricator plugins or anything else. The editor could even run in your browser and you could create a backend that would compile the nodes for you and let you download the resulting JAR, DLL, PHP, JS, or LUA. Wouldn’t that be awesome! :smiley:

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Universal i don’t know, we just need logic nodes to Haxe because it’s what Armory uses.
This can be lot of work to re create all Armory logic nodes.

IS there significant advantages over Blender nodes ?
Custom nodes design, colors, editing features independent from Blender ?
New editing features not available in Blender, new logic nodes possibilities ?
Macros perhaps ?

As standalone, it should be like Haxe code, visible in Armory trait , click to create or edit would call the external editor automatically.

Do you have some Zui examples ?
Is there some better free logic node editors ?

Oh, you misunderstood me. I’m not saying that for Armory we should have a standalone editor. I’m saying that if you created a standalone node editor, you could use it for any supported Haxe target for applications other than armory.

It just hit me that the Logic Node setup could be useful for any number of other applications and that it isn’t far outside of reach to be able to create a node editor that could work for any them.

I understand better the off topic.

A logic node for Haxe, but it needs to have specific nodes for specific application, it can’t be fully universal and just do simple variables maths.

Outside of Armory no one is stopping you, you can be creative as much as you want :joy:

I know! I just thought it was an awesome idea and thought I’d post it in Off Topic because it was inspired by Armory.

Yes you would need to create logic nodes that are specific to the application you are targeting, but you would be able to use the same UI and system without having to do any architectural changes across different applications. You could just have node packs for all of the different applications that you want to target. And users can contribute any number of logic packs for any kind of application.

This would be the hella cool! When using it for Armory there also Blender’s python API wouldn’t be a problem for some new nodes anymore, when you need something you can simply add it to it.
Maybe, since the game’s player can already be displayed straight in Blender’s viewport, we can have the same with the universal logic node window? So the “one program for everything” isn’t made incomplete.

I don’t know that we would want to do that for Armory. I think the Blender node API might be enough for now, and I really like that because it is Blender’s interface it shares keyboard shortcuts and stuff like that. Also it requires re-compiling blender to get the viewport player, which isn’t that bad, obviously you could host builds for different platforms, but I like the option to be able to just use a Blender plugin, too.