Unofficial Armory Community IRC

Any good community has an IRC channel, and until an official Armory Community IRC/Matrix/Discord channel is sanctioned, I’ve decided to start an IRC node.
Available at: freenode / #armory3d

I just want to quickly connect and chat?:

Can I register my nickname at the channel?

How do I sign in again if I’ve registered?

  • Simply write:
    /msg nickserv identify <password>

Do I have to use a website? Is there a client?

  • Yes, apart from the freenode interface above, you can choose to connect with your own IRC client, which gives a wide range of benefits that I won’t list. A few of the recommended are:
  • HexChat (Free)
  • XChat (Free)
  • CIRCH (Free; Integrated IRC plugin for Chrome)
  • mIRC (Paid, one time $20 but really good and solid)

So, if you feel for it, go right ahead and join up! :slight_smile:


I joined IRC and there is only one person, once again it would be better to have a discord server.

If you know how and are able to maintain it, feel free to set up a discord server. - As for the lack of users, I’m not sure a discord server would help on that, the problem is that the Armory community is still very small.