UNOFFICIAL release notes for Armory 0.6 "Full Focus on Performance"*

Hey everyone,

There’s been a few questions about what’s new in version 0.6. Now, @lubos has said he’ll be releasing the official release notes. We can help him though! Let’s compile what’s already known here to make it easier, and help answer the “what’s new?” question for the visitors asking until then.

These notes are almost certainly, wildly incomplete, so if you see something missing / wrong, post below and I’ll update! Screenshots to add also welcome!
Also, I (Armored Blob) added the faux release name in this post, NOT Lubos. I came across the phrase in one of his tweets describing the renderer, and it just seemed too perfect a description for the general focus of this release (along with Blender 2.8 integration). Shoot me, not Lubos! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

ARMORY 0.6: “Full Focus on Performance”*



Updated to use Blender 2.8.

This is a big change, so some old features still need to be ported (eg. running in the Blender viewport) but the intention is to bring them back in the future. Blender 2.79 and prior are no longer supported.

Terrain streaming
The ability for meshes to be loaded live while the game is running (eg loading new parts of the background as the player runs there, without making the player wait to load separate levels).


Live patch (initial work):
Move in-game objects to edit their location and see the results in-game while the game is running. It’s limited to objects using the default material, and will be extended to other features in later releases.


Faster, Smaller, Better:
Games now compile smaller and faster, with the default cube scene, zipped, now being down to 97kb(!). The new iteration of the renderer has also been optimized for performance.


New / improved nodes:

  • Slider Nodes: Add sliders into custom in game GUI’s, and to get the values from those sliders.
  • On Contact (Array): Get a list of nodes (in an array) of objects in contact with a current node.
  • In Array: Find out if an object is in an array (list of objects)
  • Raycast normal: Get the normal direction where a raycast hits an object

View Traits as Collections:
Using Blender 2.8’s new “collections” feature, you can now view which objects are using any given trait, as a collection in the outliner.


There’s no doubt more hidden treasure! This list was just taken from random commits / tweets / forum posts I’ve seen. Let’s add to these “release notes” and make them better! (@lubos - Feel free to shamelessly copy / edit anything here!)

Thanks for helping to improve these notes goes to:
@BlackGoku36 and of course @lubos for coding / tweeting most of this stuff!


Thanks, i haven’t been following .6 developement, so this is a nice catchup.
Thoose new array nodes are just what i needed.

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