Unreal Is Free! (Maybe.)

Unreal is the current world record holder for the best real-time graphics ever.

And so, its really easy to notice something “Fishy” when you notice a REALLY famous site (Like AltTo) saying it’s free. so i tried to prove this.
I went to Their site and after i entered the “Download” section, it asked for a sign-up which i don’t want to do. can anyone prove this? and how long has this been a thing?

Yes, Unreal Engine is free and have been so for quite a while: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/blog/ue4-is-free?sessionInvalidated=true

Of course, not entirely free if you make money with it - In which case you’ve to pay royalties to Epic

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Huge risk. I’m expecting videos like this to come out for Unreal.

That hard to say, i don’t except that to happen anytime soon, since UE4 is still high on it heels, and can’t see anything that make it crumble it slightly, since UE4 receive huge amount of money from their game ‘Fortnite’, and the beef between Unity and Improbable increased UE4’s users

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Notice Unity is also free to use until you reach some limit income, and that has never been a problem.