Unvoluntary automatic upgrade to Blender 3 on some Linux distros. How to counteract

Some Linux systems like “Arsch”-Linux dilligaf you and install the upgrade to Blender 3.0 anyway, even if you explicitly marked it to ignore. They even trick you and simply reset your choice silently every time you start the package manager (Manjaro). Thats not what an armory user wants. We need 2.93.6 as default Blender.

As downgrading leaves you sometimes with a broken Blender installation i recommend to create a soft link to Blender 2.93.6 in the directory where the system installed the 3.0 executable:

Let the system upgrade to Blender 3.
Download 2.93.6 manually. Unpack it somewhere.
Rename blender in /usr/bin/ to blender3

Execute following command in terminal
sudo ln -s /path to Blender 2.93.6/ /usr/bin/

Now clicking on a blend starts 2.93.6 again. To start Blender 3.0
start terminal and type blender3.

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Sweet moons of Neptune, and holy slang, Batman. What the bollywag is a “dilligaf?” Also, it’s “involuntary.”
As to your question, the main workaround is to take Ton’s (the creator of Blender) advice and do what we’ve almost always done: don’t install Blender. Just download the .zip/.tar.whatever and extract it to any folder or place you want (even desktop). You can have multiple versions at once with minimal conflict (great for testing out problems). There’s really no advantage to doing an install, especially through a service aside from it automatically updating it for you.

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You have never ever used Manjaro or any other Arch Linux derivative. Please refrain from further advice on this topic.

Actually, I have used Manjaro and Garuda both for a few months each. Never came across that terminology, though.

Don’t tell me what to do. Lol