Use of blender drivers on custom properties


I started learning Armory and want to make my blender machine animation interactive using Armory. The animation runs on drivers on blender custom properties. This is for me the easiest way to get external timing data into the blender animation. However I don’t think armory supports these drivers and/or custom properties. What would the best way to adjust the animation such that it will work in armory?

you can easily make animations on your project with Armory.
You can :

  • bake animation actions,
  • use nodes to translate or rotate objects with the event “on update”
  • use armature on a mesh to animate poses

I think drivers are not usable, but properties are usable, there are node to read or write them.
You have to add traits to objects on your scene, please have a look at the examples :

I do not want to bake fixed time actions since the timing/durations and synchornisation of the actions is driven by the keyframes on the properties I set.

I think I can manage if I only know what the command in Python is (running in Blender) to set a keyframe on a Armory property. Is that documented?

You don’t have to bake your animation, you can use nodes like this setup :
Applied to an object, this trait will rotate it constantly over time. You can also alter values with math, sin, modulo… etc… or user input… or position, rotation of other objects.
I think the node system is a really good tool for machine simulations.