Using Env maps in pure iron

How can IBL(Image based lighting) using environment map done in pure iron, I tried to dig in by disabling Armory Project - Minimize Data, but could not get it to work, might be missing something again, not sure how IBL work in iron

Do you already generate irradiance and radiance maps from env map? (For example Armory uses cmft for that.) What does happen with disabled Minimize Data? Crash?

I used armory’s outputed radiance, irradiance map before, didn’t know cmft was a thing(good to know now).

No, i meant to say that when i look inside scene, shader_datas.json generated after disabling Minimize Data
and also shaders generated from it to see how it works in iron and when i try to replicate it, it doesn’t work, means it just return blue background(which is set to by default), no errors