Using iron with seperate scene and material data in json file

I am trying to use iron for rasterizing and using Scene/Material_datas in their own respective json file.
I have done it by looking from this example-> (cube example).
Though it compile correctly, it doesn’t show/render/initialize mesh object and return just background, i check it with RenderDocs and confirmed it.
The source file is here ->
(note: the issue is in Dev branch not master branch).
Is there anything i am missing? or am i doing something wrong?
I have been trying to figure out this for like 4-5 days now, with no idea.

Try using the latest iron now, I pushed a patch which maybe helps. I think for .json to work you will need to use either Krom or HTML5, otherwise there may be some array casting issues. Armory only exports to .json for debug purposes when Armory Project - Minimize Data is disabled.

If there are still issues I have added a reference example here, tested on HTML5:


WOW!, Thanks very much!
Just last question, do json’s datas need to be in certain order?

No need for ordering, why do you ask? Any issues there?

I think yes, after i tried replicating from your example, but didn’t work, so i rearranged it, and it works, i doubted that its shouldn’t be the problem

Yosh!, it was problem in my vert shader lol, pulled my hair out yesterday and now got it working with individual .json (It wasn’t json problem and was mine to begin with lol).

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