Using Kenney's assets

I am trying to import this particular asset pack:

They are .obj models with .mtl materials.

After importing the obj file I played it with armory, then I found that the materials are very bright and almost colorless (too bright so it is almost white). Are they not compatible with armory’s renderer or I missed something?

Comparing to a monkey with default material (diffuse):

Kenney’s material is like this:

You’re going to have to reconstruct the material. First issue is the NormalMap & BumpMap are creating an infinite loop (that’s what the red curves mean: the output on the right of the node is connected to the input on the left). If you can post one of the assets (if its one of his free ones of course) here I can take a look.

You can just head to the link and download from there, it is free.

materials should for now be restricted to the “Armory PBR” node group with textures plugged in. So you will have to redo them. If it is nothing too fancy just use all the provided textures.

The red line in some of the nodes means that they are muted. You can mute and un-mute by selecting the node and hitting ‘m’ on your keyboard.

Blender creates these kind of very complex node trees, when importing OBJ or FBX files (and probably other external file formats). Obviously Armory has trouble with dealing with these complex node trees for some reasons. To get around this issue, I do the following:

  1. Activate the “convert materials to cycles” addon in your user preferences (EDIT: The addon’s source code can be found here for example)
  2. Switch the render engine to “Blender Render”
  3. Import your OBJ / FBX
  4. Select one of your newly important obejcts, go to the materials panel and hit

All the materials should now get converted to cycles materials, with much simpler node tree setups.

@donalffons thanks for the guide, but I couldn’t find that add-ons in the list. I am using the blender bundled with armory.

@donalffons I found the source python script and added it, the rendering is better now. (but I am not sure, still need to play around with the lighting) Thanks!

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The uptodate addon is now packed with 2.79, but as optional feature of “Materials Utils Specials” you have to enable.

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I tried the conversion and a few light settings. But I couldn’t reproduce the colors as in the sample image in

I feel like the color is lightened quite a lot when the model is being imported.
I am pretty new to armory and 3D stuff in general. Could anyone help me to try replicating the scene in armory?