UV mapping problem

Hi everyone,
I have a serious uv mapping issues on all my armory projects : When i apply the texture, it shows well in blender but when i launch the game engine, either my object goes black, or disappears, or the texture is wrapped weirdly on the objet and don’t follow the uv mapping i have done. Maybe i’m doing something wrong since i’m a beginner in cycle and armory or maybe it’s a bug. Can someone help meUV

I just started using Armory, so I don’t know if I can help you.
Anyway, have you tried to use the texture without the Multiplier? I think it’s better to avoid operations on textures and having textures ready to be used, maybe you could use Photoshop to do that.
Have you tried using PBR Armory shader instead?
Hoping someone with more Armory experience could help you.

To the best of my knowledge there is an issue with the Mapping nodes. I was able to solve all my issues by removing them. I know this would be annoying but I assume it is an issue with exporting all the cycles nodes to armory.

Can you send the file over?

You need to mark UV seems on the model and use unwrap first.