Vertex Groups

I need to get the vertex group of one object that another object(RigidBody) has collided with. Is it possible to get vertex group(name) that was created in Blender, via API?

Hi, this is not possible right now. These options are not yet exposed from the bullet physics api that Armory uses.

Well, I can get the RigidBody of the object that bullet collided with, I can get its MeshData, and Geometry, but I nowhere can find anything similar to a vertex groups, that was created in Blender.

Technically, if:
rb.notifyOnContact(function(rb2) {
var verts = (;
Will number of vertices be equal to whole model vertices or (if model is solid object, but consist of separate objects in edit mode) be equal to nums of verts in collided part? Should I set Blender RigidBody shape collision property to Mesh?

And one more question: how can I get bullet collision position? .getContactPairs?

Well, now I can get bones from object (RigidBody.object.animation.armature.action[0].bones). Which values of …bones.transform.values(Float32Array) is the position of bone(there are 16 values)?