Video texture help needed... I'm dumb

Ok, sooo
Well I have a good bad idea and yet again don’t know what I’m doing…
I want to get the video texture example file to work so i downloaded the file needed but am confused of what I’m supposed to selected in the preference panel for armory…

these are the instructions,

  1. Install ffmpeg binaries from
  2. Point ‘Edit - Preferences… - Add-ons - Armory - Advanced - FFMPEG Path’ to ffmpeg binary
  3. Play!
  4. During the first build, video processing may take a minute

Im not sure what the ffmpeg binary is…
This is the file:

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This is what the short readme means:

Assuming you are using a Windows machine,

  1. Download and extract the ffmpeg binaries. (Binaries means in general executables) from here ffmpeg binary. You may choose a release version with the name ffmpeg-release-full.7z

  2. In the Blender preferences, open up Armory add-on, and choose the path for the extracted file at fmpeg-release-full/bin/ffmpeg.exe

  3. Save the preferences.

Note that this would work only when running/ publishing for Browser HTML5 or Windows(C). However, when I tried the example, unfortunately the movie resulted in a still frame on the browser. I believe it must be due to recent changes in the Chorme media Auto-Play settings.