Visual script performance

Hi there,

I’m very interested in Visual Scripting in Armory 3D.
How is visual script performance compared to Haxe script, it’s slower but how much ?

I haven’t noticed any difference in speed at all. The way the nodes work is just by generating a new Haxe script from the node tree in which the the also Haxe scripts of the single nodes are fed with the right data in the right order so they are able to communicate with each other. At least this is how I think it works.

I thaught each graph node would generate one Haxe script file , that will be compiled. Without performance drop i think i will use visual scripting.

I am not sure if its so easy to say, or if its the case. I think it also depends how the code is generated (good code, bad code). Coming from unity, i can say that pure code is more performant (0,1% or less performance loss by VS, depands which VS addon you use). But you got in unity 2x VS addons that are writing internaly good code.

The generated haxe code involves a lot of Dynamic which is probably fine on dynamic targets but I am afraid it will cause some performance loss on static targets.

Until visual scripting would be able to generate the same Haxe source code and compile, visual scripting must be used for small things like doors or treasures objects interaction, it’s better to keep Haxe for the main game logic.