Voxel GI with clipmaps

Hi there,
I’m opening a discussion here to get feedback in order to be able to complete the module before I open a pull request. This is a rebrand of the old GI module hosted here for now: armory and iron. You must checkout to “voxelgi”.

For now voxel_light compute shaders are not working, so I’m left with the decision of trying more (that I’m going to do first), or pass the lighting mechanism into the voxel’s fragment shaders.
There are a few things I can’t get, like why the image needs to be RGBA64 for voxels to hold colors, and why compute shaders don’t read / write from opacity to voxels.

I’d also like to re-implement the GPU particles mechanism ; there is the option but I don’t think this works, it will be a matter of copying the old branch’s code into this one.

We’r using clipmaps (for AO and GI) to get high scale voxelization, this means revoxelize and center voxels around camera are no longer options. Keeping the temporal filter and everything else.

Voxel irradiance (allows diffuse, specular, and refraction)

Voxel light (lamp shadows)
Particles (don’t know if related to voxels, will probably not do anything more that retrieving the old code).

Thanks for any feedback.

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Hi, I’m not sure whether this is still an issue or not, but to my knowledge and experience Kha’s compute shader support is quite limited especially when it comes to texture/image formats. Maybe these things are just not implemented…

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Hi, regarding your issues mentioned in https://github.com/armory3d/armory/discussions/2967: Do you have a test file for them by chance?

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