Voxel Sandbox Game For Qub3d Group

Hi everybody! I’ve been getting my hands dirty with Armory3D lately and I think it is absolutely AWESOME :sparkles:! I’ve actually nearly got modding worked into the engine for the Krom platform and I think it is going to be pretty sweet.

Anyway, I happen to be the DevOps lead of a new open source project currently called Qub³d. You can find out more about us on Discord and we also have our development platform open to public. The goal of the project is to create a fun, moddable sandbox game somewhat like Minecraft, but not just a cheep knockoff. Currently the main devs are coding the game from scratch in C++, but I’m thinking, “How much faster could you build the game in Armory?”.

I’ve pitched Armory to the devs a couple of times before and there seems to be a general misconception as to what it is like; they seem to feel like it will be limiting to development. I have seen that you can customize and do almost anything in Armory and I am extremely confidant in its abilities. What I want to do is create a demo of a playable and moddable sandbox game in Armory and show it to them to see if they are sure that they still want to code the engine from scratch.

Like I said, I think I am almost done with the modding piece of it, but I think I’m going to need some help with the shaders. @sh-dave has created kex-vox-iron which I’m hoping we can use for the voxel triangulation.

If anybody wants to help me with this that would be awesome! If anybody does want to help I can create a GitHub repo that we can collaborate on.

I’ve got a public repo with the progress that I have currently made with the demo.

So after a re-evaluation of the Qub3d project’s vision, we determined that the goal of the project is to write a game from scratch to create the absolutely most optimized engine specific to the exact needs of the project. So won’t need any more work on this, but it was still a fun little demo to code. :smiley:

I also renamed the repo on GitHub.

Nice! I hit a bug after several clicks, but it is a fun read.

Yeah, it was fun. Took me only 3 days and I’ve only really gotten into Armory in the last month so I didn’t have like a bunch of experience or anything. Armory seems to have a way of making things as easy in real life as I imagine them in my head somehow. :smile:

That bug that you ran into has to do with the Voxel triangulation library that I used. I have an open issue with the author. Very nifty little library, made this demo really easy, especially considering I don’t know the math to do that.

Glad someone was interested enough to try it!

Now I have a GitHub page hosting the demo. :grin:

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