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I basically have a shadeless plane (imported with the “image as plane” addon, then I replaced the Diffuse BSDF with an Emission shader). In blender the colors look bright, in Krom, the colors are washed out. Any ideas why this happens and how I can avoid this?


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What version of Armory is this? I know that the emission shader still has some issues in Armory… Sounds like it would be worth filing a bug with a minimal file that reproduces the issue (you could post it here, too, for us to look at)

Yeah, you might also want to look at the compositing panel in the Armory Render settings. Stuff like HDR and post-processing can make textures look different in-game.

Thanks for your answers. Here’s a minimal example.
WashedOut.blend (687.8 KB)

I used the version from 3 days ago.

When I disabled the Compositor in armory’s render panel, things will look much better. Just setting Tonemap to Off (was ‘filmic’ by default) does not change things.

So, after a bit of experimentation, there seems to be something unusual about the alpha in your image. Currently, when I open your file and press f5, I get the washed out version like you. When I recreated and output a heart image like yours from Inkscape though, and replaced yours with it, … it works fine.

You can even see the difference in alpha in Blender’s texture selector dropdown (yours is up the top, mine down the bottom):

In short, I suspect this isn’t actually an Armory issue per se, so much as a Blender one, as our png images show up differently in Blender even before Armory is started.

I’m wondering if this is some kind of premultiplied alpha issue or similar…

Try saving your png in GIMP and see if it looks any better.

Just opening and resaving in Gimp doesn’t seem to do anything. In fact, neither Gimp or Inkscape seem to recognize that there is any real info in the alpha channel at all. The whole channel just shows up as flat grey (thus why everything is semitransparent).

Oh, really? That just reminded me, my brother was having an issue where no matter what we did, we couldn’t get simple planes with textures on them not to be semi-transparent. Maybe this is a bug.

Possibly, however the transparency isn’t showing up correctly in Armory, Gimp or Inkscape… another possibility is that it’s a bug in the software that generated the image…

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Quick untested possiblility: SuperPNG format: https://www.fnordware.com/superpng