Water or clouds at runtime

Hi, we have options for adding clouds or water in Armory Render Path. Is it possible to activate these options at runtime ? I’m working on a game with levels that have water, and other that don’t. Is there a way to do that ? Thanks.

It looks like you need an object to display the water surface. Applying water to a scene with a default cube will apply water to the part where the cube is. To make it look like there is water around it, it may be a good idea to place a plane as an undersea object.

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Hi Sandy, thanks for your help. I think I understood something.
So if I need a level with water, I build it near water level, with a plane undersea to draw the water effect on.
If I need another level without water, I build it far from water level, without support to draw water.
That was not obvious for me, thanks again.