WebSocket - How many connections can he handle?

Is the WebSocket only for destination C?
Does it work via the internet?
How many connections can he handle?

Can anyone please teach how to use the network us? Example How can I take the list of connected customers?
How can I send and receive a message.
The example of Armorry is bug and does not work.

The Armory3d sample projects demonstrating WebSocket server will only run the server when you compile your project to C target. Any other target and they only run as a client.

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Do I have to publish in C the customer and the server to work?

I just run the build to Windows C target

Then find the VS solution file, open it in VS2022. Open folder here

Find the solution in the build path

Open the .sln file, then run it in VS

I’m new to Armory3d though. I may be missing a step - because the server does run, the client connects but, then it gets disconnected.

However, even if your VS is running the server (and the client it is also running fails) You can run other instances of the build as Krom or HTML5 and they will all connect to the server

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thanks for answering. But I want to know the Armorry WebSocket server only works at a destination C?

Does the Armory WebSocket only work in C destinations?

The ARMORY API has the class host in networking, if I do a script haxe using the network methods I can get a network with a destination krom? Or the network only works in destinations C?

Please if you have the answer to these questions help me. Thanks.

Yes the server only runs with C target as far as I know. The tutorials I have found on this sample project all say that.

thank you very much. Now I understand why it wasn’t working and customers have to be C too?

Yes, so whoever wants a server needs to run the EXE generated by the C project from VS. I think there is a way to get a websocket server that will work in Krom or HTML5 though but I am just starting to understand this and piecing together.

I have to check some tutorials on setting up the server without using the Blender nodes

As I do for Armoy recognizes the library I lowered it put in source/arm with the client and server files but no matter.

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I created the folder “Libraries” outside and inside the “Sources” folder he learned alone in Khafile.Js but still he doesn’t find the library. How can I use this “GitHub - ianharrigan/hxWebSockets: hxWebSockets - websockets for all haxe platforms” Library with Armorry?


That is what I’m trying to figure out. Using the different client/server types with Armory3d. I can get the NodeJS Server & Client to connect in an app but, have yet to wire them into armory. If I make progress on this I will post info :smiley:

If you want a server in HTML5 / Krom without having to use C target, NodeJS is probably the server you want. But, how to tie it into Blender & Armory3d is the question