What are the minimal system requirements to use Armory Game Engine?

what are the minimal system requirements para Armory Game Engine ?

I do not count or have the means to buy a gpu, and I would like to use armoy, but I do not know if it is possible to do this with blender for not having a graphic accelerator like most people!

I’m sorry if this is out of topic is the first time I use this forum, if I have to move the question please indicate

these are the specs for blender. the GPU will determine how well the game with run (FPS) as with any other game.

sorry, my question have a syntax error
well, specific i ask for requirements to use Armory with Blender, i need a gpu to use ARMORY ?
i no need know is blender need a gpu, i can use blender without GPU

When you say you don’t have a gpu, I presume you mean a dedicated one? - like, if you instead have integrated graphics on say, an Intel processor? - Armory is pretty scalable, while you might not be able to use the top graphics stuff such as deferred with Voxel GI, you should mostly be perfectly able to use the forward rendering path in most cases. - which processor do you have? :slight_smile:


If your iGPU is Vega 8 or 11, you should be fine. If you’re on Intel CPU or older AMD APU, then you will be able to run Armory, but most of things will either run terribly or not run at all. You should be able to develop web games, minimalistic 3D games or 2D games, but nothing more. I would highly reccomend at least GTX 1050 3GB or Radeon RX 570 to be able to make and playtest more advanced 3D games.

yes, I guess I can make games for the web, it seems that no one understood that I have a lap top, now for your insistence on using a GPU, please tell me where you want to install it to this laptop that is like the one I use

where do I put the GTX 1050 GPU ???
but thanks, the info helped me to know that if I can do, it is enough for me to start learning

Laptops can also have dedicated built-in graphics cards. If the GPU option in Blender’s user preferences doesn’t show up, your built-in one is too old or way more likely a simple intel integrated one which are usually really really really bad for anything graphics work related. Or you might have an old amd APU, which are also kinda bad. (the new ones are amazing tho)

yes, it is correct, i not have dedicated GPU, it is a laptop that only has the integrated gpu
i not need realistic graphics, only i need is the minimal to learn us Armory
i not like VOXEL, no like me main craft :stuck_out_tongue:
is my laptop Aspire V5-431
very very simple
It will take me a while to have a better one so I just want to learn the basics for when I have a new and more current and be able to devote myself to develop better things, I’m fine with UPBE but it lacks a particle system, I work on it in a simple one but the blender code is crap, there are things that I have no idea what they do or if they really work or just forget to remove them

Laptop Acer Aspire V5-431-2421: Intel Celeron 887 (1.5 GHz), 2 GB DDR3, D.D. de 500 GB, screen LED 14", Video Intel HD Graphics, DVD±R/RW DL, Red 802.11a/g/n, Windows 8 (64 Bits)

thanks, but you really really wrong
i need other class of information

Well if Blender 64bit works creating projects with Armory will work too. The compilation and the game player might just be slow.

It runs smooth on a GeForce 960.
But performance can vary with the settings you choose and features you activate, some are expensive while others will not impact game frame rate.